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The perfect combination of Multiscreen Rich Media formats made available through a Programmatic Marketplace in a Brand Safe Ecosystem.

Rich Media Formats

  • Impact
  • Engagement
  • UX
  • Awareness

Open Marketplace Platform

  • Global Reach
  • Automated
  • Simple integration
  • Segmentation

Brand Safe Ecosystem

  • Transparency
  • Fraud Free
  • Security
  • Brand Safety

Unleash your Brand’s creative potential with RichAudience

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"Rich Audience Technologies" (former "Pubnet Publicidad y Marketing SL") is pleased to announce that we have recently signed an agreement with HERE Technologies, which has become our new leading provider of location services. HERE Technologies, that has replaced our former supplier, is a leader supplier of location services worldwide.

Rich Audience Marketplace for Publishers

Use our exclusive automated technology to maximize advertising revenue: optimize yield through premium formats integration, and monetize incremental inventory.

Available formats

  • Standard Display
  • Video (Instream & Oustream)
  • High Impact Ad Units
  • Native Ads

The RichAudience Marketplace platform is all about maximizing your profit. Our platform is connected with all the major DSP's and SSP's through our exclusive optimisation bidding algorithm, the GS engine®.

Platform features

  • Self Service
  • Simple and Easy Setup
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Fully Automated
fully responsive


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