Our Marketplace, a solution for Premium Publishers


The Rich Audience Marketplace connects the main sources of market demand to a single point, giving our partners access to an ecosystem with the main advertisers in each region.

Total Control

From our Self-Service interface you have everything you need to control and improve the monetization of your properties, both Web and App. You can monetize Display, Video, Native and special formats such as Skin or Branded Interstitial.

Además de los controles clásicos del resto de plataformas, ponemos a tu disposición dos sistemas automatizados que se harán cargo de dos de las tareas más complejas como Optimización y Brand Safe.

Premium Advertisers

Our sales team has been working for over 15 years offering innovative solutions to the main advertisers in each region.

This experience, together with our Rich Media Studio technology, will allow you to increase the monetization of your inventory with high-quality campaigns.

In addition, thanks to our #core technology, you can be selected by our clients to participate in their private programmatic ecosystems, significantly increasing your turnover.

GSE optimization

The Rich Audience Marketplace is built on an optimization tool called GSE. This technology helps you get the most out of your inventory by evaluating each ad request individually and adjusting the public bid price automatically.

Most of our partners obtain significant growth in their Open Market revenues, increasing their turnover by up to 30% on one inventory.

Premium Rich media

In 2014 we officially launched our Rich Media Studio technology, which allows us to run campaigns in interactive formats regardless of the device.

Our certification team is responsible for the revision and adaptation of the website so that the execution of these formats is as seamless as possible and does not affect the user experience.

Once certified you will be able to have our Skin (in Web) and Branded Interstitial formats (in App) for your own direct or programmatic campaigns using our SSP.



At Rich Audience we adapt to your current set-up and, if needed, we help you improve it. We are compatible with the main ad servers and technologies on the market.
Integration is simple, just using a Javascript tag, either in your current adserver or directly on the website. It enables immediate demand from the main SSPs in the market, including Google Ad Exchange.
If you want to enable your own SSP's and you don't want to worry about managing and monitoring the wrapper, we provide our Wrapper based on Prebid.js, 100% compatible with the major SSP's.
If you already have integration via Prebid you can connect to us using our Prebid Adapter..
Our tag is compatible with the main SDK's on the market, allowing us to quickly and easily connect what is demanded.
If you need a good monetization tool, at RichAudience we give you access to our Full Stack SDK, which allows you to connect the main sources of demand in a Server to Server environment.
Our Header Bidding Wrapper for App allows you to connect your sources of demand together with Rich Audience for full monetization.




Unleash the full potential of your website or App with our wide variety of standard and special formats. Thanks to our connection to the main platforms on the market, we can increase the demand and turnover density of all formats and generate a strong RichMedia additional revenue stream.

  • _
    Compatible with all buying platforms
  • _
    High Fill Rate
  • _
    Support for all IAB formats
  • _
    Multi-size formats
  • _
    Access to Google Ad Exchange demand
  • _
    Header Bidding & Tag-based integration
  • _
    Automatic GSE Optimization

  • _
    Compatible with any standard player (VAST/VPAID)
  • _
    Free Instream Player
  • _
    Free Outstream Player
  • _
    Simple integration via tag or Header Bidding.

  • _
    Increase in revenue through Premium campaigns
  • _
    100% adapted to the usability of the website and App
  • _
    All formats certified by a specialised team
  • _
    Simple integration via tag or Header Bidding.

  • _
    100% custom formats
  • _
    Adapted to your technical and aesthetic requirements
  • _
    Range of predefined libraries available for free


Increase your revenue

On top of the standard integrations, you can integrate 2 technologies to generate incremental advertising slots in your website.


One single integration generates an internal competition for a group of 5 high impact formats to maximize your web’s revenue.

Floor Ad
Double Skyscraper


A personalized solution for additional revenue through new advertising slots.

  • _
    Usability and UX of you web is analyzed through AI and verified by our technical team to define additional placements.
  • _
    You decide which additional placements to monetize.
  • _
    Our technical team is in charge of deployment, activation and verification.
  • _
    Integration is simple, with no need of changes in the website coding.


Reporting / Control

Efficiently control the monetization of your properties, spaces and formats through our advanced reporting system.
Real Time Reporting
The information available through our interface is updated in real time so you can quickly make decisions about the configuration of placements.
Data Granularity
Our System offers high data granularity to help you analyze and optimize your inventory: Website or App, placement, format, country, advertiser, device, etc.
API Ready
You can also connect to our reporting system via API and integrate it into your own reporting system or third-party technologies.


Marketplace for Publishers

At Rich Audience we have one goal: to help our partners effectively monetise their inventory, regardless of format, and without spending more time than necessary.
To achieve this, we have developed a Marketplace for sellers from which our partners can easily manage all aspects of their monetization, both programmatic (open, deals, private ecosystems) and direct sales.
Advanced Targeting

In addition to the classic targeting options, we have incorporated advanced options into our Marketplace (Viewability Targeting, CTR, Demographic, Contextual).

Deal Troubleshooting

One of the main problems in programmatic selling is Troubleshooting Deals. At RichAudience we have been working hard to bring you a reliable Deal monitoring system that will help you monitor and quickly troubleshoot Deals.

Rich Media Ready

Thanks to our RichMediaStudio technology you can easily deploy a monetization strategy in High Impact formats. We are compatible with the main DSPs on the market.

Unified ID

One of the main challenges in the sector is the synchronisation of Cookies between platforms. At Rich Audience we believe that the market has to evolve to use unified ID technologies, which is why we are compatible with the main solutions on the market: ID5, Unified ID and Live Ramp.

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