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We have been working hard to bring a new ecosystem onto the market that allows brands to connect with their audiences through the best publishers in each market, using a secure, 100% transparent and secure, 100% transparent and multi-device environment. We call it the Rich Audience Marketplace.

Advertisers have a wide range of formats available: Display, Video, Rich Media and native. Display, Video, Rich Media and native. Our ecosystem is compatible with the main buying platforms available on the market, so you can connect to our Marketplace using your purchasing methodology to optimize your media strategy.

In 2020 we publicly launched Rich Audience #core , an innovating technology that allows the most advanced advertisers to step up and create their own programmatic ecosystem. We believe that #core is the natural evolution of programmatic buying as it offers the control, security and transparency of direct buying in a Private Premium Ecosystem. Private Premium Ecosystem. Additionally, it makes audience activation more effective and offers contextual targeting capabilities.

All this supported by a highly specialized technical team available 24/7.

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